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Docusoft is a leading software vendor that develops outstanding software solutions that help companies manage and store their electronic documents and information.

Businesses operate in a competitive, client oriented world and must be able to respond accurately and quickly to future business requirements. There was a time, when everything was documented in books. Over time, these books became sheets of paper stored in folders. And then the folders and documents moved to filing cabinets. Now we have electronic documents and electronic storage.

Document and information management and administration is something that can easily be undervalued. With the increasing number of regulatory laws and business regulations, it is surely important a business of any size, in any sector, offers their employees a structured secure system to manage business documents: a Document Management System (DMS).

The Value of A Reliable DMS

Companies that implement an electronic document management solution use an organised filing structure to help them manage the storage process. Additional metadata such as project names, purpose of document, date of creation and expiration etc. are all stored in the system and as a result, records and documents are securely stored but easy to locate, access and track.

An organisation with multiple offices locations can share a single system and central point of access to pool company knowledge, provide secure central access to business information and manage the protection of this important business data.

Together with the protection of data, it is also important to protect an employee’s interaction with this data. Document and activity audit trails can offer this additional employee security.

The Use of A Flexible DMS

A document management system that offers customisation, points of integration, ease of use and a good feature set, can easily be used to provide a DMS solution in many different business sectors. Below are just a few examples of how a DMS can provide much needed business benefits.

Healthcare Organisations

Providing a Central Document Repository is important to the healthcare industry sector. From care homes to dental practices, any different type of document may need to be stored, securely protecting patient data but still providing simple and fast access to medical and administrative staff.

Legal Institutions

Legal practices appreciate the security and availability of documents provided by a DMS. One key feature is that access to the system is strictly controlled and activity logged. These features not only protect documents but also ease burdens of compliance.

The ease at which users can search reduces administrative costs and helps keep fees in check. With thousands of documents to manage features for advanced keyword search and optical character recognition functionality proves highly valuable.

Charitable Organisations

A DMS will provide a high level of security and makes it simple to restrict and permission users to access stored data.

Charitable documents often contain confidential information, so a DMS can allow individual documents not to be opened or copied but still, allow it to be previewed without showing personal or private details. The ability to standardise documents or create templates helps automate and personalise the creation and distribution of documents present an opportunity to reduce costs.

Why Choose A DMS?

Each business will use a DMS in a way that best meets their business and industry needs; the trick is to ensure you select the system that will provide the flexibility your business needs!

Dreamteam Technology
Dreamteam Technology provide software for School ERP,College ERP,University ERP,School Management Software was aimed to educational institutions work easier.

LITEROM is a complete open source school ERP software package in itself which is based on providing the support to the educational vertical on the base of E-governance model, whether it is school level or may be of highly educational level.

Business ERP software is a complete customized software solution in itself which is able to innovate the business process reengineering in an organization. In context to ERP as university management software, it is a complete system which is capable to handle all operational activities within the surrounding environment.

LITEROM is user friendly college and university management software which is developed to manage the student and college management database. It helps in tracking the all type of information of a student and workforce from the joining of institute uptil to the time when that student leaves the institute and university.

Features of LITEROM –

• Operated on high speed servers and machines.
• Secured by network firewall.
• 24 X 7 accesses to the clients and server.
• A dedicated lease line support with backup broadband cable link.
• 99% uptime with constant power supply and 24 X 7 X 365 functionality.
• Complete training facility after deployment.

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Dreamteam Technology
LITEROM is a college ERP software developed by Dreamteam Technologies Private Limited company based in jodhpur, rajasthan, India

Dreamteam Technologies is a school ERP development company which is working for the educational industry from more than last 10 years since 2005. It not only provides customized ERP solutions for educational industries but also for other manufacturing services also. It is based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan (India).

Because expectations for improved performance are always increasing, higher education leaders continue to think more creatively about how their people, processes, and technology can work together more efficiently. Company has developed education ERP software named LITEROM which is totally developed by considering the needs of in-premise needs of all type of educational institutes like – schools, colleges and universities as well.

With an LITEROM ERP system you gain a community where students get the services they demand, faculty facilitate teaching and learning in the classroom or online and departmental staff have the information and support to be more effective.

Qualities of LITEROM –

• The real data is perfect for quick decision making and quick decision making is essential to remain competitive. LITEROM helps in predictive analysis of data & forecasting trends to make quick decision making.
• By mixing the perfect data and visual analytics, it generates the dynamic reports and provides the full information about the ongoing activities and current affairs of an organization.
• Easily automation facility by leveraging the overall information management system by maintaining the data accessing policies.
• Since HR is the most valuable asset of an organization, so after the cost minimization the management can focus on the entire concentration on getting their overall objective to uplift the education standards.
• A successful ERP helps in removing the data redundancy & segmenting it accordingly to the departments.

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Recharge Designs
We are Recharge Designs, a creative agency based in Indore. We work on our projects with planning, experience and a blend of text as well as visual content. Recharge offers customized and holistic website design, unique logo design, creative designing and E marketing services along with added services including SEO, SMM, Audio Video Production and Content Marketing.

It is an undoubted fact that every business can appeal more customers and get more benefits from mobile presence, website design and SEO services. A brilliant website is the mere way to display your business over the internet and that can give you a positive superiority over competitors. Interactive, personal and relevant content what users these days demand which is challenging for web and mobile app development.

These days you can find anyone and everyone carrying a smartphone with extensive web browsing. Therefore it is necessary for the website to be mobile friendly which can carry out the best mobile app development platform.

The current scenario of mobile app development platform is increasing highly in terms of net worth as well as trends. The upcoming years will see a great boom in the mobile application development and trends in both android and iPhone app development. The website and app development depends on what your business demands and it is necessary to provide users a great smart and friendly web app.

No matter what your requirements are, Recharge Designs believes in delivering the best of services for your business. May it be a simple web design, a difficult complex web app development, a native mobile app platform or an e commerce website we serve it all along with added services that include video & audio production, brand identity creation, digital marketing campaigns or content marketing & SEO, Recharge has it all for your brand solutions.

Recharge Designs

Symphony Solution Inc
Symphony Solution, Inc. is a global outsourcing software development company, working towards Enterprise Mobility Solutions with a mission to transform businesses digitally

• Enterprise Mobile Applications Development
• Ecommerce Solution
• Cloud-based Web development
• Mobile applications development
• Healthcare IT Solutions
• Location based app development
• Android, iOS and web apps Development
• Web Development & Web Design
• IT staffing / Augmentation

Windows Tech Support service
Windows Tech Support service is providing windows support for mac users to help them in installing Windows operating system into their PC. This online tech support service is open 24-hour to help MacBook users for installing Windows 10 or 8 into Mac OS X supported apple devices like MacBook Air, Pro, Mac Mini and iMac for configuring the settings and fix errors.

Windows Technical Support, available at windows tech support phone number with back-to-back online assistance for software issues and connection problems with windows desktop, laptop and tablet PC. It is an online help service offered by team of independent technicians to fix errors affecting windows performance and other program or services.

Windows Support available for desktop PC, laptop, tablet and other devices running on windows OS and facing technical problem. It is open 24-hour and ready to solve software problem and internet connection issues etc. Remote access tools are used to fix such issues and solve various problems with quick results.

Windows technical support