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Dreamteam technologies is a ERP software management company since last 10 years.

LITEROM as a school ERP management software is developed by Dreamteam Technologies private limited company based in Jodhpur (Rajasthan). It is school management automation software in itself which is helpful in automization of routine activities related to universities and colleges.

Dreamteam technologies private limited is a well known company in the field of manufacturing ERP solutions for educational institutes, colleges & universities. It also provides website development, website designing, website application development, website promotion not only to the colleges & educational institutes but also to the other sector companies as well since last 10 years.

The complete professional team of Dreamteam Enterprises provides the best suitable, budgeted, in – schedule and the infrastructure oriented enterprise management solutions which is totally as per accordingly to the customer requirement. The main features of the LITEROM are –

• Account operations and audit management
• Admission management and enrollments
• Attendance handling
• Inventory management and handling
• Employee management, HR and Payroll management

The custom process of software development process passes through appropriate planning, technology selection, implementation, testing, deployments & maintenance steps. The technical team is involved from the initial stage to the last one to define the correct solution to the client. Complete training is provided to the client by the well trained executives that how can LITEROM makes a positive impact on their businesses!

Besides this, LITEROM can also perform library management facilities, school management facilities and employee management programs as well. All the modular development is done after considering the overall needs and strategic goals of the clients. Company also offers voice, email, chat facility, SMS text and other chat media also when any problem goes occur.

This university management software deals with the process of managing colleges, distance learning, curriculum deciding and learning centre related policies with its multitasking facilities. It minimizes the risk of errors, there may be data entry related errors due to manual insuffiency.

Conclusion –

As education ERP software, LITEROM has been successful in managing the hearts of the clients India-wide and worldwide because of its simplicity, user-friendliness and compatibility as per according to the educational organization needs. As it has been divided into many modular parts, so data accessibility and handling on the multiuser level has become so easy.

School ERP
Dreamteam Technology
Dreamteam is a school ERP manufacturing company which is devoted towards education institutes and schools.

LITEROM as campus management software is made by the Dreamteam technologies private limited to fulfill the online and offline necessities of schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutes. It is the best way to run an institute effectively and efficiently.

Any school ERP software is always a solution for any school, college or university which promises to be the one stop solution for the end user. A campus management automation system is always responsible for to create a new work ethic and environment that is helpful for working effectively and efficiently.

LITEROM is developed by the in-depth analysis, research conducted upon systems adopted by various schools, colleges and university campuses with a purpose to automate the working and remove the overall stress. It is very easy to use, fast but accurate and integrated with security features as well. It has the following modules –

• Student and fee handling system
• Library management system
• Result management system
• HR and Payroll system
• Website management system
• Attendance handling
Features –
• There is no need to login again and again to access all the data regarding attendance, fee information, timetable and results of students.
• Company ensures timely updation of new practices and facilities without disturbing the actual live systems and users.
• Attractive and user-friendly dashboards are provided so that to work on them can be really easy.
• It also provides the service of generating the endless reports for management and administrators with built in excel feature.

Conclusion –

Overall the LITEROM is a real chief custom programmed solution in itself, in which it solves the overall routine database of students available in campus and also conducting reports automatically. It removes the manual intervention, cutting costs and also increases the overall concentration of teachers and management on uplifting the education standards of the institute.

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