PlayStation Store: giochi a meno di 15€ e offerte retrò

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PlayStation Store: giochi a meno di 15€ e offerte retrò

PlayStation Store: giochi a meno di 15€ e offerte retrò

Questa settimana vede il ritorno della promozione ”Giochi a meno di 15€” di PlayStation Store, con notevoli risparmi su grandi titoli come Battlefield 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, Yakuza Zero, Fallout 4, Titanfall 2 e Metal Gear Solid V. Non solo, i listini di casa Sony mettono sul piatto golosi sconti anche per alcuni videogame dal retrogusto retrò: rovesceremo gli orologi e rivisiteremo classici come Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII e Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Amazon Alexa, in attesa di Echo in Italia arriva il dev kit

Amazon Alexa, in attesa di Echo in Italia arriva il dev kit

In attesa che lo smart speaker Amazon Echo giunga a breve sul mercato italiano, il colosso di Jeff Bezos ha reso disponibile l’Alexa Skills Kit in lingua italiana, in modo che gli sviluppatori inizino a prendere confidenza con le capacità dell’assistente vocale e a sviluppare nuove funzionalità e servizi. Come chiarito in una nota dalla stessa Amazon, le skill create saranno rese disponibili agli utenti non appena lo sarà anche Alexa e Echo.

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5 Exciting New Features Coming to Google Shopping
5 Exciting New Features Coming to Google Shopping

Conor Bond
Conor Bond

Last updated:
June 19, 2018

Good news for ecommerce advertisers: Google has announced several new Shopping features and provided an update on its Shopping Actions program, adding some key details to the features unveiled at Search Marketing Expo Advanced, which convened earlier this month.

Today, we’ll review the changes and look into some of the implications for marketers.

#1: Expansion of affiliate location extensions

When a consumer sees your ad on Google, an affiliate location extension tells them which nearby retailers carry your product. When the consumer clicks on your ad, Google marks the relevant retailers on a map and shows directions to the different stores.

affiliate location extension google shopping

It’s basically a tool to help your business capture local consumers looking for fast and readily available solutions.

The affiliate location extension works similarly on the Display network. Your ad is shown to those who are interested in your product and near a retailer that carries it. From the ad, people can get directions to the nearest stores.

Now, Google has expanded the feature to video ads on YouTube. While your ad plays, the viewer has the option to get directions to the nearest retailer that carries your product.

According to Google, affiliate location extensions have increased CTRs on TrueView in-stream and bumper ads by over 15%.

#2: New local catalog ads

By the end of the month, Google will have rolled out new local catalog ads to Display advertisers. The format is simple: underneath a hero image, the consumer can scroll through your product catalog and easily access information regarding pricing and availability. It’s a clean, interactive way to advertise your products and direct foot traffic to nearby retailers.

local catalog ads google shopping

The above example is a catalog ad for Boulanger, a prominent electronics and appliance retailer in France. The company ran the ad as a leg of its Spring 2018 promotional series, and it was rather successful: it drove 20,000 visits to Boulanger stores and ultimately garnered the brand a 42x ROI.

#3: Local inventory ads and new local feeds partnership program

When Google shoppers click on your local inventory ad, they are taken to the local storefront: a Google-hosted landing page that presents in-store product availability, store hours, directions, and related information.

local inventory ads google shopping

Previously, retailers needed to set up their own local inventory feeds to run local inventory ads. Fortunately, Google has launched a new program to partner with point-of-sale (POS) and inventory data providers. Now, retailers can directly connect their data providers to Google and rest assured that the sales and inventory data need for inventory ads is being reported.

Plus, retailers that connect their data providers to Google can display their local inventory on the search knowledge panel under the “See What’s in Store” feature

see whats in store google shopping

#4: Competitor pricing information

A new feature is coming to AdWords for Shopping advertisers: access to the pricing information of competitors. Essentially, Shopping advertisers can see what their competitors are charging for the same products and use this information to improve their bids.

So, if you’re a Shopping advertiser that sells sneakers and you notice that you’re charging less than your competitors, you can increase your Shopping bid on sneakers because you know your great price will attract buyers.

competitors' prices google shopping

Alternatively, if you cannot reduce the price of your sneakers to compete with other sellers, you can cut your sneakers bid and spend less on ads that are less likely to convert.

#5: Shopping Actions program

Launched in March, Shopping Actions is Google’s response to Amazon’s growing dominance over the ecommerce marketplace. The platform allows retailers to sell their products to consumers across Google Search, Google Express, and Google Assistant. Consumers use a universal shopping cart that combines their orders from different retailers and different media – mobile, desktop, and voice.

Shopping Actions is a pay-per-sale platform: retailers only pay Google when a transaction is completed (as opposed to the pay-per-click system, AdWords).

Now, three months after the launch, 70 retailers use Shopping Actions, and Google has announced the benefits they get in return for the fee: more clicks, more conversions, lower CPC, and lower cost per conversion.

Conor Bond

Conor Bond

Conor Bond is a marketing intern at WordStream, a role that mostly involves trying not to break the website. He likes to drink coffee, play basketball, and pretend he doesn’t care about his inadequate facial hair.

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PowerShell: ScriptBlock Logging… Or Not?, (Tue, Jun 19th)
Here is an interesting piece of PowerShell code which is executed from a Word document (SHA256: eecce8933177c96bd6bf88f7b03ef0cc7012c36801fd3d59afa065079c30a559[1]). The document is a classic one. Nothing fancy, spit executes the macro and spawns a first PowerShell command:

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